Transuranic Muse

Transuranic_Portrait_online_2014Transuranic Muse is a project by Larry Edoff and Rudi-Renoir Appoldt. They both met at Berklee College of Music back in 1994.

After there graduation Larry moved to New York and Rudi-Renoir moved back to Luzern, Switzerland. Over the years they stayed friends and play on various occations in New York. 2010 they took some time to record a couple tracks at Larry’s House in Westchester. The moments where so magical, that they decided to create there own project and to start working together on there own musical language.

Over the last years Rudi-Renoir visited Larry Edoff on the east coast many times to work on there own music. After four years now they recorded there first record at Berlin UFO Sound Studios, September 2014.
Transuranic Muse premiered at the “Piano im Pool 2014” Festival in Lucerne. They where supported by the fabulous Lucerne Musicians, Lukas Traxel – Upright bass, and Jean-Pierre Maillard – Vibes.

Larry Edoff – Piano

Larry_Edoff_PortraitLarry Edoff is an introspective and dynamic musician whose dedication to music has brought him success as an accomplished producer, bandleader, singer/songwriter, composer, and pianist. Larry has performed with and written music for great artists such as Adam Pascal from Rent and Aida, Tony Bennett, Paul Simon,The Count Basie Orchestra, Vinny Valentino, Matt Garrison, John Benitez, Jarrod Cagwin, Adam Rogers, Joel Rosenblatt, Jeff Andrews, Bill Moring, Steve Wilson, Richard Bona, El Negro.

He studied voice, piano, and composition at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, and he later studied orchestration with world-renowned composer, John Corigliano. He received his Masters degree in Music Education and Composition.

Larry and Adam Pascal released their latest album, Blinding Light, in 2008 to high acclaim.

Rudi-Renoir Appoldt - Alto Sax

Rudi-Renoir_PortraitRudi-Renoir Appoldt started playing the sax with 14years after starting out with the trumpet. Jan Garbarek was one of his main influences to move to the Saxophone. After his studies at the Berklee College of Music he founded with classical friends the band CLAZZ, who was also awarded from the Jazz School Lucerne.

Over the years he has also worked as an arranger, conductor and composer. He leads his own Jazz Trio: Trio Noir and plays in various projects.

Rudi-Renoir is a creativ and sensible player. He loves to draw melodies like brush strokes.

He lives in Lucerne and Berlin.